How To Find The Best Restaurants When Traveling

Eating your way through a city is no easy task, but somebody’s gotta do it. And I’m up for the job! But finding all the best spots does require some research and planning. Here are my tips for finding all the best eats on the road.

1. Find out if there is a signature dish of that city or state. Just like Kansas City has our barbecue, most cities and states have their own “thing.” Also controversial like KC BBQ, the locals will have their opinions on where to go. So take their votes and try one for yourself.

2. Use the Food Network’s shows and website. Man vs. Food, Triple D, Cupcake Wars, they will all give you insight on the best spots in any city. Don’t have time to watch the shows? No worries, the website collects all of the restaurants for you to reference at any time.

3. Pinterest. A quick city name search on Pinterest will generate tons of travel guides that fellow travelers have written, compiling all of their recommendations.

4. Instagram. This is a foodie gold mine. Search for hashtags, follow influencers and bloggers in that city, all of the search features make it easy to find lots of yummy food options. Another tip: Post a question box in your InstaStory to get suggestions from your friends that may have been to that city.

5. Organize everything in Yelp. One great feature of the Yelp app is the ability to build Collections. You can add a Collection, give it a name, and add places to that Collection that you want to try. When you get to your destination, you’re able to quickly access all of those places, and you can even sort them by distance.

I would love to hear anything you do to find all the best food when you travel!


Molly B.

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