The Happiness Report: 9-14-2020

It’s Monday!!! Have we ever talked about the fact that I actually love Mondays? Yea, really. We’ve established that I am super Type A, love a To Do List, love goals, all that nerdy stuff. So it should come as no surprise that I love Monday, because it’s a fresh piece of paper every week. New start, new goals, new chances. This week is really busy with a lot of fun things, and we’re gearing up for a vacation, so I’m in an exceptionally good mood right now. But let’s talk about all the things that brought me happiness last week.

1. A BIG Donation. A few weeks ago, I shared that I was doing a collaboration with Pink Dinosaur, where we were raining money for Happy Bottoms. We got the final tally last week, and I got the pleasure of donating $500 to the organization. I am so grateful for everyone that bought, shared, and supported to make this happen. And of course, I’m super grateful for Elle, the owner of Pink Dinosaur for making my dream a reality. We’re already talking about how we can do something together again soon.

2. All The Jewelry. Yes, two weeks in a row, I’m talking about jewelry. But I just love it! So the fact that I got to attend TWO jewelry events this week made me so very happy. First up, the grand opening of the new Nickel & Suede store on the Plaza. N & S is a hometown jewelry hero, and its creator, Kilee Nichols, is an inspiration to women everywhere. Her newest addition is another retail storefront, which opened last week on the Plaza. I got the opportunity to attend a sneak preview, and it was so fun, and so inspiring. As soon as I left the store, I jumped in my car and drove over to Brookside, for a Piercing Party at the Sierra Winter boutique. I love Sierra’s jewelry so much, and I’ve been dying to attend one of these parties for over a year. She used to have them more frequently pre-COVID, but this was her first since the beginning of the year, and I was all in. It was great to see her, to make some new friends, and to finally join the double piercing club!

3. Day Trip. One really great thing about this weird Instagram world has been the friendships that I have made in the process. I am closer to some of these people than I am to people I have known for years. One such friendship is my friend Allison. We connected on Instagram, and we’ve bonded over the past few months over a shared sense of humor and similar views on this thing called life. A few weeks ago, she asked if I would want to do a day trip to Parkville to check out some of the boutiques and stores in the area. And um duh. It took some coordination, but last week, we made it happen. She is also an Orangetheory member, so we started our day with a burn at the Parkville studio. Then it was coffee and exploring Main Street, which was still mostly closed. And we finished with some shopping at Twill, which is a boutique that we both love. It was such a fun day, and it was nice to have the time together.

4. Surprise Date Night. When the team from Houlihan’s reaches out to you and asks if they can provide you an At Home Date Night, the answer is an obvious YES. And that’s just what happened. The restaurant offered a special Date Night menu on Friday and Saturday night, and they offered to provide us one for me to enjoy and share. I picked it up on Friday afternoon, and dinner was provided for several nights, because it was a TON of food. Everything was delicious, and it was such a fun (and needed) surprise.

5. Candy Truck. Yes, you read that correctly. Go Candy Go is a local candy truck that you can book for weddings, birthdays, showers, whatever! We connected on Instagram a few weeks ago, and we were finally able to schedule a time for me to come meet her, and to see the truck. Our whole family went on Sunday afternoon, and we got to explore, learn more about the owner, take some cute pictures, and get some candy! We’re working on some fun things, but candy is always a mood booster for me!

We’ll be on vacation next Monday, so no Happiness Report, but look for a BIG one on the 28th! Can’t wait!


Molly B.

The Happiness Report: 9-8-2020

Comin atcha on a Tuesday, because yesterday was a holiday, and I spent the whole day with my dudes, without a computer in sight. I’ve been trying to disconnect more on the weekends, both from email and from social media. It’s not a clean cut, and I’m definitely still active on my InstaStories, but it’s significantly less. As Jack gets older, we’re interacting more as a family, and I don’t want to miss any of it. We’ve been going on a lot of weekend “adventures,” so that takes my focus, and I want to be fully present. But I’ve found that disconnecting from the digital is helping me to reconnect with my loves, and that is bringing me so much joy. More on that now…

1. Church Sermon. Our church has slowly been reintroducing in-person services, but we’re just not there yet. Right now, we’re more comfortable watching from the couch with Goldfish and snuggles. Our sermon last Sunday was so good that I watched it again on Monday morning. I needed to hear the message again, and I needed to start my week hearing those words. In particular, our pastor touched on assuming positive intentions of others. We’ve all been on the receiving end of being misunderstood, and it doesn’t feel good. The message came just when I needed to hear it, and so good I listened twice.

2. Fashion Show. Well kind of. Like everything else in the world, fashion shows are being cancelled and/or moved to virtual. Kansas City is home to an incredible jewelry designer, Georgina, and she filmed a virtual fashion show for her new Fall line. Last week, she hosted a small private viewing at Verdigris, and I was invited to attend. We go to see the show before the public, and we got to see some of the new pieces. It was wonderful to meet the designer, and she is one of my new favorite people in the whole world. She has this incredible ability to make you feel like the most important person in the room, even at an event that is all about her. It was an honor to attend, and I had a great time.

3. Barre. So I started a new thing. The owner of Pure Barre reached out to me a few weeks ago about collaborating, and I was all in. For the month of September, I will be attending 10 classes and will be sharing my experience along the way. My first class (first 3 classes actually) was last week, and so far I’m really liking it. I have taken a couple of barre classes in the past, but I’ve not attended in any regular cadence. As a cardio queen, this slower paced class is a test of my patience, but dang it puts me to work. I can feel my muscles shaking, and I kinda like it. Plus I’ve already noticed a difference in my running, so I’m excited to keep going the rest of the month.

4. Grocery Shopping. Are you still there? Okay, okay, that seems super lame, but hang with me. First, I actually do love grocery shopping. I love food, I love new products, I love people, I just love it. And I have a special place in my heart for Trader Joe’s. It probably deserves its own blog post, but another day. I haven’t been in over a month, which is rare, but I went back this weekend, and did some major damage. We don’t need to talk about the receipt total, but I got some new products, some classic favorites, and I just had so much fun being back in the store. Currently eating my way through my haul…

5. Apple Picking. My poor husband, y’all. I randomly texted him last Friday and said, “I want to go apple picking,” and three days later we were standing in an orchard with a bag of apples. I’ve never been in my whole life, and it sounded fun. And it really was! We found an orchard that is only 20 minutes from our house, and it has a lot of other activities and attractions, and most importantly, they have fresh Apple Cider Donuts. Everyone was masked up until they got out in the open orchards, everything was super clean, it wasn’t crowded at all, and the entire staff was super nice. We’re thinking this is an annual thing. But in the meantime, I’m researching how to use all these apples.

Today is the Mondayest Tuesday ever, and I’m walking into a really busy week. But here’s the creating more happy moments and looking out for those bright spots.


Molly B.

Fall Fashion Finds–Toddler Edition

“Mama, I look fresh!”

Yes, that is what my toddler said when he looked in the mirror this morning.

Jack Attack is at such a fun age, but man, he is growing so fast! It’s this weird combination of excitement and pride, tempered with the strongest desire for time to stand still.

With the changing seasons, and him growing like a maniac, I started some of his Fall clothes shopping today. I know we’re always looking for a great deal on kid’s clothes (because they are TOUGH on their threads), so I wanted to put together a post with all my favorite places to shop for my dude without breaking the bank.

First up is Target. (I’m sure everyone saw that coming.) We are especially big fans of the Cat & Jack line, because the sizing and quality are great, and the price is so good. Target is my go-to for:

• Everyday wear (Tees, jeans, shorts, pants, etc.)

• Pajama Sets

• Shoes (Casual and Dressy)

• Jackets and Coats

Next is Old Navy. I feel like ON is always having a sale, so I take full advantage for little man. Their sizing can be a little funny, so I typically size up one full size to ensure a good fit. (If the item is too big, I usually hang on to it, because we know he’ll grow into it. The quality of Old Navy products is good, and the price is always low. Old Navy is my go-to for:

• Everyday wear (Tees, jeans, shorts, pants, etc.)

• Pajama Sets

• Socks (I’ve been buying socks there since he was a baby, and they hold up so well!)

Next is Walmart. I know people have mixed feelings about Walmart clothing, but we’ve had quite a bit of success. We really like the Garanimal line, and we scoop up a few pieces every season. Walmart is my go-to for:

• Basic Tees

• Cozy Items (Leggings, sweatshirts, etc.)

• Underwear

Next is Carters. I did most of Jack’s baby clothes shopping at Carter’s, because their prices are so low on baby sets. As he has grown, I don’t shop there as frequently, but it’s in the rotation for a few reasons. Carter’s is my go-to for:

• Dress Clothes (Church clothes, family pictures, etc.

• Pajama Sets

• Shoes (Casual and Dressy)

And finally, Etsy. Yes, the same place you are ordering all your cute home décor, holiday decorations, and handmade jewelry is one of my favorite places to grab unique items for Jack’s closet. I’ve been buying him graphic tees from Etsy since before he was born, and I still love to shop every time I have the chance. Etsy is my go-to for:

• Birthdays

• Holidays

• Sports

• Fun! (Food, characters that aren’t cheesy, sayings, etc.)

I hope you found this helpful, and if you have any that you would add to the list, let your girl know!


Molly B.