Fall Fashion Finds–Toddler Edition

“Mama, I look fresh!”

Yes, that is what my toddler said when he looked in the mirror this morning.

Jack Attack is at such a fun age, but man, he is growing so fast! It’s this weird combination of excitement and pride, tempered with the strongest desire for time to stand still.

With the changing seasons, and him growing like a maniac, I started some of his Fall clothes shopping today. I know we’re always looking for a great deal on kid’s clothes (because they are TOUGH on their threads), so I wanted to put together a post with all my favorite places to shop for my dude without breaking the bank.

First up is Target. (I’m sure everyone saw that coming.) We are especially big fans of the Cat & Jack line, because the sizing and quality are great, and the price is so good. Target is my go-to for:

• Everyday wear (Tees, jeans, shorts, pants, etc.)

• Pajama Sets

• Shoes (Casual and Dressy)

• Jackets and Coats

Next is Old Navy. I feel like ON is always having a sale, so I take full advantage for little man. Their sizing can be a little funny, so I typically size up one full size to ensure a good fit. (If the item is too big, I usually hang on to it, because we know he’ll grow into it. The quality of Old Navy products is good, and the price is always low. Old Navy is my go-to for:

• Everyday wear (Tees, jeans, shorts, pants, etc.)

• Pajama Sets

• Socks (I’ve been buying socks there since he was a baby, and they hold up so well!)

Next is Walmart. I know people have mixed feelings about Walmart clothing, but we’ve had quite a bit of success. We really like the Garanimal line, and we scoop up a few pieces every season. Walmart is my go-to for:

• Basic Tees

• Cozy Items (Leggings, sweatshirts, etc.)

• Underwear

Next is Carters. I did most of Jack’s baby clothes shopping at Carter’s, because their prices are so low on baby sets. As he has grown, I don’t shop there as frequently, but it’s in the rotation for a few reasons. Carter’s is my go-to for:

• Dress Clothes (Church clothes, family pictures, etc.

• Pajama Sets

• Shoes (Casual and Dressy)

And finally, Etsy. Yes, the same place you are ordering all your cute home décor, holiday decorations, and handmade jewelry is one of my favorite places to grab unique items for Jack’s closet. I’ve been buying him graphic tees from Etsy since before he was born, and I still love to shop every time I have the chance. Etsy is my go-to for:

• Birthdays

• Holidays

• Sports

• Fun! (Food, characters that aren’t cheesy, sayings, etc.)

I hope you found this helpful, and if you have any that you would add to the list, let your girl know!


Molly B.

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