The Happiness Report: 11-2-2020

Happy November!  So, I took last week off from the Happiness Report.  Actually, I did type out a really long post about how I was feeling.  Which was ROUGH. 

Here’s the thing, I have anxiety.  And sometimes, it can manifest itself in really positive ways.  That’s how I’m able to create, and innovate, and go and go and go, for long periods of time without rest.  But other times, it’s not great.  It makes me sad, and tired, and unmotivated, and insecure.  And that was last week.  My anxiety was really high and was manifesting itself in some really unhealthy ways. 

So yea, I typed that out, and it felt really good to get it out.  But the words belong to me now, and I decided to chill out last week and focus on feeling better. 

So that’s where I am today. Of course anxiety is an ongoing thing, and it will continue to ebb and flow, but today is a good day, and I’m here to tell ya about it.

  1. Celebrated a Milestone. Five years ago, I walked into Orangetheory for the very first time, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve shared about my OTF journey a few times in the past, but this week I celebrated my five-year anniversary. This is the longest I have ever stuck with a gym, and I’m still just as happy with the workout as I was five years ago. I’ve met some of my best friends at OTF, and it has saved my sanity during COVID. I can’t wait to see how I continue to grow and where this journey leads.

2. Donuts! Did I get your attention there? So is it weird that I don’t like donuts for breakfast? Let me be clear, I LOVE donuts. But give me a 10:00 AM morning snack, or a 2:00 PM dessert, or a late-night treat for my donut fix. And really any donut will do. I love an OG glazed or some donut holes, but I also love all the funky creations that have become so popular. That’s why I love our local Donutology. They have classic flavors, fun inventions, and even a build your own option. They have full sized and minis. And they do a lot of special creations for holidays and special events. They reached out for me to feature their Halloween minis, which included a pack of our own, and we had so much fun taking pics and enjoying our spooky sweet treats.

3. Date Night. I cannot believe we haven’t had any alone time since our vacation in Denver, but yet again, I can totally believe it. My mom came in town this weekend for Halloween, so we snuck out on Friday night for a date night. The Town Company is a brand new restaurant inside the new Hotel Kansas City, and I’ve had my eye on it for weeks. So when date night was on the calendar, it was my first pick. From the second we walked in, everything was so special. The décor, the atmosphere, the staff, the cocktails, the dinner, the dessert…everything, perfect. It would be a fun for girls night too, but it is an absolute must for a date!

4. Becoming a Coffee Drinker. Well maybe not, but I did attend the grand opening for Café Ca Phe, a brand new Vietnamese coffee cart. I originally heard about them on the Open Belly podcast and was intrigued by her descriptions of Vietnamese coffee, compared to traditional coffee. Even as a non-caffeinated person, it sounded yummy. This was confirmed on Saturday morning when we got to sample some. It’s more dessert-like, so this sweets lover was in from first sip. Plus I fully support a minority woman owned and operated business on any given day!

5. Halloween. I’ve always loved Halloween. Probably no one is surprised by this, because I love any excuse to wear a costume, and I love candy, so there we go. I knew this year would be weird, but I was determined for it to still be fun and special. We started the day with Halloween donuts, then we went to the Café Ca Phe event, which had tons of activities for kids and adults, then it was Corinth Square for lunch at BRGR and exploring their Halloweek event, and home for some rest. After naptime, it was playing, pumpkin-shaped pizza, costumes, indoor trick or treating, candy eating, and bedtime. Chad and I enjoyed a couple of post-craziness beers (and some more candy) and an early bedtime.

It feels really good to be starting a new month, feeling a little more relaxed, and looking forward to a lot of happy times ahead.


Molly B.

The Happiness Report: 10-19-2020

I know, I know, I know…it’s been a long while since I published a Happiness Report! (Facepalm) See what had happened was…I took the week of our vacation off, and that just continued for a few more weeks as I got busy and preoccupied. But assure you, it was not because there was a lack of happiness. Quite the contrary! But I did notice that without reflection and cataloging, it’s easy to lose sight of all the positive things in your life. As this pandemic continues much longer than we anticipated, and we approach a tumultuous election, it’s so easy to get caught up in everything that is going wrong or to think that the sky is falling. Well, Chicken Little, my challenge to you is to keep track of the happy things. Make a list and refer to it often. Because not every day is good, but there sure is something good in every day.

Here’s what’s been rocking my world the last few days:

1. Breakfast Date. Last Monday was a bank holiday, so I had the day off from work. Shockingly I hadn’t filled my calendar with tasks, so I asked Chad if he could go into work a little later so we could grab breakfast together. Shack just opened in Lenexa, and they invited me in for a visit, so we took advantage and grabbed a morning date. The staff was so friendly, and the food was delicious. But the best part was starting my day, uninterrupted with my guy, enjoying some sweet time together.

2. Lunch Date. Okay so I know that I said that I didn’t stack my day off calendar with appointments and tasks, but having meals with people I love hardly seems like a burden. So last Monday, I kept the dine out train rolling and had lunch with my friend Mindy. Chances are, if you found me because you love my Kansas City adventures, you probably follow Mindy too. Because @KansasCityBucketList is my recommendation for anyone wanting the best KC content, and it has been for years. Not only does Mindy operate this successful account, but she is also very generous with her time, resources, and connections and has become kind of an informal influencer mentor for me, but more importantly a friend. Additionally, Mindy works for City Lifestyle and is the one that got me roped into being a contributor. She had asked if she could do a story on our family for National Adoption Month, and I used it as an excuse to go to lunch. We met at Chez Elle, which has been on both of our bucket lists for a long time. It’s such a fun spot in our city, and the crepes did not disappoint.

3. Business Tour. The very first event that I went to when I became a blogger/influencer was in February 2019, and it was a popup photo shoot. I was so very nervous to attend, and I had no idea what I was walking to that day. And I never could have known that the girls I would meet would wind up being some of my closest friends. At that event, I met this woman that owned a business called Sour Lemon, which is an Apple Cider Vinegar beverage. Have y’all ever tried ACV? Gross. And ouch. I always hear that it has so many great health benefits, but I just can’t choke it down. But Sour Lemon found a way to flavor ACV and make it delicious! At that time, they were only operating as a pop up and brewing in their kitchen. But last week, I stopped by to visit their bottling and distribution center! It is so incredible and inspiring to see how much they have grown in such a short amount of time!

4. Perfect Fall Night. There is a local PR firm, and if an invite from them ever hits my inbox, I make every effort to attend. The passion and dedication they have for the businesses they support always manifests itself into these unique, immersive experiences. Last week, they invited me to a small event at Affare, to enjoy a wine tasting and light bites. We sat out on the patio, which is one of the best hidden gems in this city. The weather was perfect, and it was such a special night.

5. A Sweet Celebration. When you look forward to becoming a mom, there are things you picture, moments you imagine, and celebrations you can’t wait to have. One thing that I’ve always looked forward to celebrating is my child’s half birthdays. I love any excuse to celebrate and make memories, and I see this as such a fun thing to make special. Jack’s Half Birthday was on Saturday, and it was the perfect excuse for a family fun day. His breakfast was served with a candle, and he wished for a cupcake. (My child for sure.) We were lazy in the morning, and then we hit the road. We drove to the Iron District for lunch and ice cream, and then we went to watch the choo choos, which are Jack’s current obsession. He is still talking about his fun adventure and keeps saying, “Thank you for my candle!”

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Don’t forget to make that list! You’re gonna need it!


Molly B.