My Jazzercise Adventure

* This blog post is sponsored by Jazzercise.

If we’ve been friends for a while, you know my fitness story well.  Growing up, I would not have described myself as athletic.  Sure, I played sports—even at the collegiate level—but for me, it was always more of a social event.  In my senior year of college, I started running, which grew into a deep love affair that has lasted almost twenty years.  When I got sick in 2007, I wasn’t able to workout, and I missed it more than I could have anticipated.  So when I got the green light to start exercising, I never looked back. 

Over the last 14 years, I have tried a lot of different types of workouts, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that fitness can be FUN!  Too often people think of it as something negative or a punishment to your body.  But it doesn’t have to be that way, and no matter how you like to move your body there is a place for you.  You just have to try!  So when Jazzercise reached out and invited me to take a class, I said, “YES,” just to give it a try. 

With over 50 years of in-studio and virtual workouts, Jazzercise has become a household name.  I remember my mom taking classes when I was little, and the brand name evokes visions of sweatbands, leotards, and legwarmers.  (And honestly, even 30 years later, had that been the case in today’s Jazzercise workout, this 80s baby would have been really happy about it.)  But with a quick glance at their website, I knew they had evolved over the years.

Jazzercise is still the original dance party workout, with many of their classes rooted in a dance-centric foundation.  However, they now offer over 10 different class formats, which include things like Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, and strength training.  For my first class, I chose to try Strength60, a 60-minute strength training class that works every muscle group.  Squats, bicep curls, pushups, planks, the works, using a combination of body weight and dumbbells.  The class is set to high energy music, with a motivating instructor to match.

Once I had my class booked, it was time to go!  Admittedly, even after visiting dozens of fitness studios and being the “newbie” at each, I still get intimidated to visit a new place, especially when I’ve never done the workout.  But as soon as I walked in the door at the Jazzercise Lenexa Fitness Center, I was greeted by the owner, the instructor, and several members, so I knew I was in a good place.  With a few quick computer entries, a tour of the studio, and a rundown of what to expect, I was ready to sweat. 

The music started, the instructor got us pumped up and warmed up, and that 60 minutes flew by so quickly. The format of the class is designed for every fitness level, and even as a regular gym goer, I felt challenged throughout. As I looked around, I took note of the diversity of the members, but they all had one thing in common—a big smile.

After the workout, the owner and instructor were quick to approach me for feedback, and a stream of members quickly followed to do the same. It struck me how many of them said they had been coming for 5, 10, even 15 years! They all invited me back and gave me the scoop on their favorite class formats, which was very helpful and so very sweet.

I would love for you to give Jazzercise a try too and let me know what you think. With this link, my friends can get 2 weeks for $50, which includes both in-studio and On Demand workouts. Fitness is very personal, and not every workout is one size fits all. But one thing I do know is that in this class, you WILL have fun!

If you’ve been to Jazzercise, post a comment below to share your experience.  And if you have a favorite class, tell us that too, because I’m ready to book my next workout.


Molly B.

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