My Top 10 Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2020!

The majority of 2020 was spent supporting all things local. I have always had a strong passion for small, local businesses, and our family makes an effort to support them as much as possible. It’s actually one of the reasons that I stumbled into the “influencer” role; I was frequently sharing the local business gospel with friends and family, but now I do it on a larger scale. So when the pandemic hit and businesses were forced to close and/or limit their operations, I felt a more intense need to support them as much as and in as many ways as possible. So putting together a list of 10 items that I purchased from Amazon in 2020 was actually quite difficult. The deliveries were not nearly as frequent as in years past, as I focused on finding my purchases locally. However, I did round up my top ten Amazon purchases from last year, and I know you’ll like them too.

  1. Acrylic Mask Chain The accessory we never knew we needed before 2020: The mask chain. Look, if you don’t have one of these yet, I urge you to get on it. For the frequent up/down, on/off that wearing a mask brings, this keeps you hands-free and not currently searching. I bought a few locally, but this one has been my favorite.
  2. Makeup Brush Set I purchased this makeup brush set on a whim when it popped up on my recommendations and was skeptical. Y’all, for such a low price, these are very good quality brushes. I’ve had them for several months, have cleaned them multiple times, and they are still rocking.
  3. Daily Planner Notepad One of my favorite local bloggers posted about these in the Summer, and I thought they looked like something I could easily fit into my daily routine. I started using them immediately, and have used them every day since. They have the perfect breakdown and amount of space to keep me organized.
  4. Eyelash & Brow Enhancer Serum Prior to the stay at home order, I had lash extensions. (You can read all about it here.) But anyone that has had them knows, them babies don’t keep. So without access to maintenance, they all fell out. I was left with some fairly unhealthy lashes, so I needed a solution to grow them out and get them back in fighting shape. I have used lash serums in the past, but they are expensive and don’t always work. The price was right on a sample of this product, so I took the leap. It worked! I have ordered the full size several times since this initial purchase, and my lashes are looking fabulous.
  5. Silicone Mask Brushes I am a sucker for skincare. And this is a relatively new revalation, as my twenties were spent sleeping in my makeup and being genuinely confused when my skin would be dry or a zit would dare to appear. But when I turned 30 and my face started to change, I started taking an interest in products and have develpoed a bit of an obsession. I love a good face mask and typically do one every Sunday, but you are always met with the delima of wassted product all over your hands. No longer! Apply the mask directly to the brush, and it goes on so smoothly, and with easy cleanup too.
  6. Wide Shoulder Strap Your girl loves a good handbag. But I have expensive taste. It’s a thing. Let’s move on. In 2020, with so much uncertainty, I didn’t think it was prudent to drop some dollars on a desigener label. But I found a fun (and inexpensive) solution in this strap. You can add it to a handbag, and it changes the entire look of the bag. It comes in a ton of colors, so you have some really fun options to create a new bag at a low price.
  7. Reusable Facial Pads Cotton Rounds Refer back to number 5 for a recap on my skincare obsession. So here’s something else you should know–I’m kind of frugal. But on really weird things! For example, I think dropping $3 on a bag of cotton pads is so dumb. You’re literally throwing away money. Not to mention the environmental impact. These have been the perfect solution for those concerns. I’ve been using them and washing them for months, and I am so happy with them.
  8. Tank Dress Okay, here’s the deal, I am not a big fan of clothing on Amazon. I know that people find some serious gems. But I don’t like to “hunt,” and I’m rarely pleased with the quality of the prodicts. However, I am a big fan of this style of dress. It hugs and gives in all the right places for my body type. But they’re hard to find, and when I do, they are typically pretty pricey. So when this popped up on my recommendations (creepy), I went for it. And dang, it’s so good! I went with basic black to be safe, but I will be purchasing from their many other colors.
  9. Apple Watch Band Literally no one is surprised that something leopard made the list. I got an Apple Watch for my birthday, and I instantly started searching for ways to spice up the black band. After a coupld of failed attemps with a fabric band (cute, but impractical), I went with this silicone option. The quality is great, and it’s still going strong through a lot of days, a lot of sweat, and a lot of on and off.
  10. Camera Remote Control Intially this may only seem like a blogger/influencer item, but for anyone that has tried to take a family picture on their phone with a toddler, they know. This has such a low price, but the quality is great. It’s easy to set up and sync, and it’s very easy to use.

I would love to know any of your 2020 Amazon purchases! Although my focus will continue to be primarily on supporting local, I’m always looking for fun new items.


Molly B.

Welcome to 2021!

I’m not really sure what we all thought was going to happen at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. I know what we HOPED would happen. An instant cure for COVID, an elimination of racism, a magic wand to wave away any of the pain from 2020. But alas, here we are, masked up in our loungewear.

Although, call me crazy, but I didn’t entirely hate 2020. Hang with me here. It was messy, and complicated, and sad, and disappointing, and disruptive, and confusing, and pretty much any other negative adjective you want to throw on a page. But man did it change me. And in some really good, and really big ways.

Let’s revisit…I’m Type A, Strengthfinders Achiever, Eneagram Type 3, goal oriented, purpose driven, and a wee bit of a control freak. So in a year where things a constantly changing, you can’t plan for most things, your targets change by the day, and your control is very limited…yea, I struggled. I spent a lot of days crying. My anxiety was at levels that really frightened me. And I learned very quickly that anxiety and depression are very good friends.

On June 1st, Jack returned to daycare after being home with us since March 17th. After dropping him off, I sat in my car and cried. I took this picture, because I thought I looked so ridiculous and knew I would look back on that picture one day and laugh. But in that moment, I was so broken. I was sad and scared. And that was the day I set up an appointment with a therapist.

I’ve gone to therapy off and on since college, but in 2020, I committed to consistency and doing the hard work. And it is work. My illusions of lying on a couch and pouring my heart out aren’t really a thing. My therapist makes me think and gives me homework. It’s work, and sometimes I don’t want to do it, but it helps.

Maybe I didn’t need 2020 to happen to force me to make that appointment. Maybe I didn’t need it to force me to give up my overwhelming need to control. Maybe I didn’t need it to give me vital time with my husband and son that I didn’t get from traveling during 80% of my time. Maybe, but it did.

So here we are in 2021, and on the outside, it looks basically the same. We’re still at home, we’re still wearing masks, we’re still very much in the middle of a pandemic, same, same, same. But it feels different.

On December 17th, my sister-in-law shared a picture of her getting her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and I cried. Off and on for hours. I cried the happiest tears that I’ve cried in years. That picture symbolized hope, and I look at it every day.

So that’s what 2021 feels like to me–Hope. There’s so much of it, so much possibility, so much optimism.

I’m so glad you’re here to experience it with me.


Molly B.

The Happiness Report: 10-19-2020

I know, I know, I know…it’s been a long while since I published a Happiness Report! (Facepalm) See what had happened was…I took the week of our vacation off, and that just continued for a few more weeks as I got busy and preoccupied. But assure you, it was not because there was a lack of happiness. Quite the contrary! But I did notice that without reflection and cataloging, it’s easy to lose sight of all the positive things in your life. As this pandemic continues much longer than we anticipated, and we approach a tumultuous election, it’s so easy to get caught up in everything that is going wrong or to think that the sky is falling. Well, Chicken Little, my challenge to you is to keep track of the happy things. Make a list and refer to it often. Because not every day is good, but there sure is something good in every day.

Here’s what’s been rocking my world the last few days:

1. Breakfast Date. Last Monday was a bank holiday, so I had the day off from work. Shockingly I hadn’t filled my calendar with tasks, so I asked Chad if he could go into work a little later so we could grab breakfast together. Shack just opened in Lenexa, and they invited me in for a visit, so we took advantage and grabbed a morning date. The staff was so friendly, and the food was delicious. But the best part was starting my day, uninterrupted with my guy, enjoying some sweet time together.

2. Lunch Date. Okay so I know that I said that I didn’t stack my day off calendar with appointments and tasks, but having meals with people I love hardly seems like a burden. So last Monday, I kept the dine out train rolling and had lunch with my friend Mindy. Chances are, if you found me because you love my Kansas City adventures, you probably follow Mindy too. Because @KansasCityBucketList is my recommendation for anyone wanting the best KC content, and it has been for years. Not only does Mindy operate this successful account, but she is also very generous with her time, resources, and connections and has become kind of an informal influencer mentor for me, but more importantly a friend. Additionally, Mindy works for City Lifestyle and is the one that got me roped into being a contributor. She had asked if she could do a story on our family for National Adoption Month, and I used it as an excuse to go to lunch. We met at Chez Elle, which has been on both of our bucket lists for a long time. It’s such a fun spot in our city, and the crepes did not disappoint.

3. Business Tour. The very first event that I went to when I became a blogger/influencer was in February 2019, and it was a popup photo shoot. I was so very nervous to attend, and I had no idea what I was walking to that day. And I never could have known that the girls I would meet would wind up being some of my closest friends. At that event, I met this woman that owned a business called Sour Lemon, which is an Apple Cider Vinegar beverage. Have y’all ever tried ACV? Gross. And ouch. I always hear that it has so many great health benefits, but I just can’t choke it down. But Sour Lemon found a way to flavor ACV and make it delicious! At that time, they were only operating as a pop up and brewing in their kitchen. But last week, I stopped by to visit their bottling and distribution center! It is so incredible and inspiring to see how much they have grown in such a short amount of time!

4. Perfect Fall Night. There is a local PR firm, and if an invite from them ever hits my inbox, I make every effort to attend. The passion and dedication they have for the businesses they support always manifests itself into these unique, immersive experiences. Last week, they invited me to a small event at Affare, to enjoy a wine tasting and light bites. We sat out on the patio, which is one of the best hidden gems in this city. The weather was perfect, and it was such a special night.

5. A Sweet Celebration. When you look forward to becoming a mom, there are things you picture, moments you imagine, and celebrations you can’t wait to have. One thing that I’ve always looked forward to celebrating is my child’s half birthdays. I love any excuse to celebrate and make memories, and I see this as such a fun thing to make special. Jack’s Half Birthday was on Saturday, and it was the perfect excuse for a family fun day. His breakfast was served with a candle, and he wished for a cupcake. (My child for sure.) We were lazy in the morning, and then we hit the road. We drove to the Iron District for lunch and ice cream, and then we went to watch the choo choos, which are Jack’s current obsession. He is still talking about his fun adventure and keeps saying, “Thank you for my candle!”

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Don’t forget to make that list! You’re gonna need it!


Molly B.

Kansas City Fashion Week, September 2020

For the second year in a row, I was given the honor of covering Kansas City Fashion Week as part of their media team.

Kansas City Fashion Week features local, national, and international designers, in two full weeks of premier runway shows. Additionally, they give opportunities to stylists, make-up artists, models, and photographers to showcase their work in a creative format.

Both years that I’ve attended, KCFW shows were hosted in the Grand Hall at Union Station, which is the perfect setting! But like with everything else, 2020 had to look a little bit different, due to the spikes of COVID cases. KCFW worked with Union Station on a modified plan for Kansas City Fashion Week and took things virtual. Initially, you might think, “How?” But I assure you, the experience was still very immersive, and you felt like you were right in the front row, while staying healthy and safe.

This year, I watched two of the shows from the comfort of my home and pajamas, which was really an ideal situation, if I’m honest. But the Saturday night show, the Finale, I attended a small gathering for KCFW staff and media, and it was fun to put on a dress, do my hair and makeup, and to watch the catwalk with some other fashion lovers.

We all know by now that I love fashion—the clothing, the accessories, the hair and makeup, everything. So when I was given this opportunity, I was pumped! But more than anything, I love to look at runway styles and use them as inspiration for everyday looks. In this post, I’m breaking down the Top Ten Trends that were on repeat on the KCFW runway, as well as how you can incorporate them into your closet.

1. Bright Colors. Your girl LOVES color, so I was thrilled to see so much on the runway! But I also know that most people find comfort in an all-black aesthetic. So if you’re not big on color, start small. Incorporate pops of color with a fun pair of shoes, a bright cardigan or jacket, or a fun camisole. And if you’re already a color-lover, this is your time to shine! (Literally…)

2. Classic Silhouettes with Dramatic Details. An A-line dress, a classic pair of slacks, an oxford shirt, all still on trend, always and forever. But add a little edge. A fun pattern, some added texture, any bit of added interest to a style you already love.

3. Animal Print. Thank you, fashion gods, for keeping me in fashion! Over the past few years, I have amassed quite the collection of feline-inspired garments (leopard is totally a neutral…), so I was happy to see that this trend will continue. But don’t stop at the leopard, zebra, cheetah, pythons, lions, tigers, and bears, oh my, it all works!

4. Workwear. This may sound funny since most people are working from home and therefore ditching their regular professional attire, but it was a repeater on the runway. My favorite way to incorporate this trend is a good blazer. You can dress it up or down, throw it on with a dress or a graphic tee, it all works!

5. Accessories. Hats, statement jewelry, fun shoes, they were all alive and well on the catwalk. I’m a big accessories gal, so I was happy to see this. My favorite thing right now is my growing collection of hats. When I don’t feel like fixing my hair (which is often), I throw on a hat with a low bun, and it instantly makes me feel more polished and stylish.

6. Loungewear. Literally no one is surprised by this. As we are all spending more time at home, and we will be for the foreseeable future, we could have all guessed that this would continue to trend. I love a good matching set, and my personal preference is long sleeves and long pants, because house temps are hard to regulate, so if you’re cold, you’re set, and if you’re hot, just roll up those sleeves!

7. Lingerie-Inspired. Oo La La. Corsets, Fishnet, Cutouts, all over this season’s styles. So yes, you could just walk around in your cute undies (again, you’re not going anywhere). But if you want to take this trend out on the town (and not get in any legal trouble), the lace bralette is a great piece that can incorporate this trend without giving away all your goodies. I like to wear them with an off the shoulder sweater, or a backless dress, anything that shows a little extra skin.

8. Leather. Jackets, dresses, skirts, shorts, any style you can imagine, but make it leather. There are so many ways to incorporate more leather into your life. But my number one vote, always and forever, is a leather jacket. You will never regret adding one to your closet. You can dress it up, dress it down, add some edge to any look, the versatility is endless.

9. Graphic Prints. This was a really fun addition to this season’s lineup. There were formal gowns, jackets, and tops with big graphic prints. And it’s so easy to incorporate this into your current style, because graphic tees are everywhere! I am loving them and wear them several times a week! I even wrote a blog post with several ways to style them.

10. Military-Inspired. This trend comes and goes so much, and it was fun to see it back again. I remember my early 90s incorporation of this in the form of combat boots with my sundress. Combat boots back in a big way, so you can definitely grab a pair to wear the look. But my recommendation is a military jacket. Whether it is basic military green, camo print, patches on the sleeve, whatever you choose, you will be so happy with your purchase and will wear it on repeat.

For more information on this season, you can visit the Kansas City Fashion Week website, or you can check out any of the designers (list below for reference).

Thursday – September 24th

Kyndra Jade

Jaqui Co.

Hannah Kristina Designs

Altar’d State – Oak Park Mall

Annette Sunshine Designs

Just Bee by Bex

Olive Martini Designs

Rachel Pollak

Friday – September 25th

Zuri Perle

Vivi Design Studio

Sarah Solnet

Daria’s Dress

Kindred – Oak Park Mall

Gracie Key Designs

Shannon Lehman

Lauren Bander

Laura Citron

Saturday – September 26th


Duane Topping

Rissa’s Artistic Design

Jaxson Wyatt

White House Black Market – Oak Park Mall

Fashion AF

Potapenko & Yanchenko

Any Old Iron

I can’t wait to see how you incorporate these trends!


Molly B.

The Happiness Report: 9-14-2020

It’s Monday!!! Have we ever talked about the fact that I actually love Mondays? Yea, really. We’ve established that I am super Type A, love a To Do List, love goals, all that nerdy stuff. So it should come as no surprise that I love Monday, because it’s a fresh piece of paper every week. New start, new goals, new chances. This week is really busy with a lot of fun things, and we’re gearing up for a vacation, so I’m in an exceptionally good mood right now. But let’s talk about all the things that brought me happiness last week.

1. A BIG Donation. A few weeks ago, I shared that I was doing a collaboration with Pink Dinosaur, where we were raining money for Happy Bottoms. We got the final tally last week, and I got the pleasure of donating $500 to the organization. I am so grateful for everyone that bought, shared, and supported to make this happen. And of course, I’m super grateful for Elle, the owner of Pink Dinosaur for making my dream a reality. We’re already talking about how we can do something together again soon.

2. All The Jewelry. Yes, two weeks in a row, I’m talking about jewelry. But I just love it! So the fact that I got to attend TWO jewelry events this week made me so very happy. First up, the grand opening of the new Nickel & Suede store on the Plaza. N & S is a hometown jewelry hero, and its creator, Kilee Nichols, is an inspiration to women everywhere. Her newest addition is another retail storefront, which opened last week on the Plaza. I got the opportunity to attend a sneak preview, and it was so fun, and so inspiring. As soon as I left the store, I jumped in my car and drove over to Brookside, for a Piercing Party at the Sierra Winter boutique. I love Sierra’s jewelry so much, and I’ve been dying to attend one of these parties for over a year. She used to have them more frequently pre-COVID, but this was her first since the beginning of the year, and I was all in. It was great to see her, to make some new friends, and to finally join the double piercing club!

3. Day Trip. One really great thing about this weird Instagram world has been the friendships that I have made in the process. I am closer to some of these people than I am to people I have known for years. One such friendship is my friend Allison. We connected on Instagram, and we’ve bonded over the past few months over a shared sense of humor and similar views on this thing called life. A few weeks ago, she asked if I would want to do a day trip to Parkville to check out some of the boutiques and stores in the area. And um duh. It took some coordination, but last week, we made it happen. She is also an Orangetheory member, so we started our day with a burn at the Parkville studio. Then it was coffee and exploring Main Street, which was still mostly closed. And we finished with some shopping at Twill, which is a boutique that we both love. It was such a fun day, and it was nice to have the time together.

4. Surprise Date Night. When the team from Houlihan’s reaches out to you and asks if they can provide you an At Home Date Night, the answer is an obvious YES. And that’s just what happened. The restaurant offered a special Date Night menu on Friday and Saturday night, and they offered to provide us one for me to enjoy and share. I picked it up on Friday afternoon, and dinner was provided for several nights, because it was a TON of food. Everything was delicious, and it was such a fun (and needed) surprise.

5. Candy Truck. Yes, you read that correctly. Go Candy Go is a local candy truck that you can book for weddings, birthdays, showers, whatever! We connected on Instagram a few weeks ago, and we were finally able to schedule a time for me to come meet her, and to see the truck. Our whole family went on Sunday afternoon, and we got to explore, learn more about the owner, take some cute pictures, and get some candy! We’re working on some fun things, but candy is always a mood booster for me!

We’ll be on vacation next Monday, so no Happiness Report, but look for a BIG one on the 28th! Can’t wait!


Molly B.

The Happiness Report: 9-8-2020

Comin atcha on a Tuesday, because yesterday was a holiday, and I spent the whole day with my dudes, without a computer in sight. I’ve been trying to disconnect more on the weekends, both from email and from social media. It’s not a clean cut, and I’m definitely still active on my InstaStories, but it’s significantly less. As Jack gets older, we’re interacting more as a family, and I don’t want to miss any of it. We’ve been going on a lot of weekend “adventures,” so that takes my focus, and I want to be fully present. But I’ve found that disconnecting from the digital is helping me to reconnect with my loves, and that is bringing me so much joy. More on that now…

1. Church Sermon. Our church has slowly been reintroducing in-person services, but we’re just not there yet. Right now, we’re more comfortable watching from the couch with Goldfish and snuggles. Our sermon last Sunday was so good that I watched it again on Monday morning. I needed to hear the message again, and I needed to start my week hearing those words. In particular, our pastor touched on assuming positive intentions of others. We’ve all been on the receiving end of being misunderstood, and it doesn’t feel good. The message came just when I needed to hear it, and so good I listened twice.

2. Fashion Show. Well kind of. Like everything else in the world, fashion shows are being cancelled and/or moved to virtual. Kansas City is home to an incredible jewelry designer, Georgina, and she filmed a virtual fashion show for her new Fall line. Last week, she hosted a small private viewing at Verdigris, and I was invited to attend. We go to see the show before the public, and we got to see some of the new pieces. It was wonderful to meet the designer, and she is one of my new favorite people in the whole world. She has this incredible ability to make you feel like the most important person in the room, even at an event that is all about her. It was an honor to attend, and I had a great time.

3. Barre. So I started a new thing. The owner of Pure Barre reached out to me a few weeks ago about collaborating, and I was all in. For the month of September, I will be attending 10 classes and will be sharing my experience along the way. My first class (first 3 classes actually) was last week, and so far I’m really liking it. I have taken a couple of barre classes in the past, but I’ve not attended in any regular cadence. As a cardio queen, this slower paced class is a test of my patience, but dang it puts me to work. I can feel my muscles shaking, and I kinda like it. Plus I’ve already noticed a difference in my running, so I’m excited to keep going the rest of the month.

4. Grocery Shopping. Are you still there? Okay, okay, that seems super lame, but hang with me. First, I actually do love grocery shopping. I love food, I love new products, I love people, I just love it. And I have a special place in my heart for Trader Joe’s. It probably deserves its own blog post, but another day. I haven’t been in over a month, which is rare, but I went back this weekend, and did some major damage. We don’t need to talk about the receipt total, but I got some new products, some classic favorites, and I just had so much fun being back in the store. Currently eating my way through my haul…

5. Apple Picking. My poor husband, y’all. I randomly texted him last Friday and said, “I want to go apple picking,” and three days later we were standing in an orchard with a bag of apples. I’ve never been in my whole life, and it sounded fun. And it really was! We found an orchard that is only 20 minutes from our house, and it has a lot of other activities and attractions, and most importantly, they have fresh Apple Cider Donuts. Everyone was masked up until they got out in the open orchards, everything was super clean, it wasn’t crowded at all, and the entire staff was super nice. We’re thinking this is an annual thing. But in the meantime, I’m researching how to use all these apples.

Today is the Mondayest Tuesday ever, and I’m walking into a really busy week. But here’s the creating more happy moments and looking out for those bright spots.


Molly B.

Fall Fashion Finds–Toddler Edition

“Mama, I look fresh!”

Yes, that is what my toddler said when he looked in the mirror this morning.

Jack Attack is at such a fun age, but man, he is growing so fast! It’s this weird combination of excitement and pride, tempered with the strongest desire for time to stand still.

With the changing seasons, and him growing like a maniac, I started some of his Fall clothes shopping today. I know we’re always looking for a great deal on kid’s clothes (because they are TOUGH on their threads), so I wanted to put together a post with all my favorite places to shop for my dude without breaking the bank.

First up is Target. (I’m sure everyone saw that coming.) We are especially big fans of the Cat & Jack line, because the sizing and quality are great, and the price is so good. Target is my go-to for:

• Everyday wear (Tees, jeans, shorts, pants, etc.)

• Pajama Sets

• Shoes (Casual and Dressy)

• Jackets and Coats

Next is Old Navy. I feel like ON is always having a sale, so I take full advantage for little man. Their sizing can be a little funny, so I typically size up one full size to ensure a good fit. (If the item is too big, I usually hang on to it, because we know he’ll grow into it. The quality of Old Navy products is good, and the price is always low. Old Navy is my go-to for:

• Everyday wear (Tees, jeans, shorts, pants, etc.)

• Pajama Sets

• Socks (I’ve been buying socks there since he was a baby, and they hold up so well!)

Next is Walmart. I know people have mixed feelings about Walmart clothing, but we’ve had quite a bit of success. We really like the Garanimal line, and we scoop up a few pieces every season. Walmart is my go-to for:

• Basic Tees

• Cozy Items (Leggings, sweatshirts, etc.)

• Underwear

Next is Carters. I did most of Jack’s baby clothes shopping at Carter’s, because their prices are so low on baby sets. As he has grown, I don’t shop there as frequently, but it’s in the rotation for a few reasons. Carter’s is my go-to for:

• Dress Clothes (Church clothes, family pictures, etc.

• Pajama Sets

• Shoes (Casual and Dressy)

And finally, Etsy. Yes, the same place you are ordering all your cute home décor, holiday decorations, and handmade jewelry is one of my favorite places to grab unique items for Jack’s closet. I’ve been buying him graphic tees from Etsy since before he was born, and I still love to shop every time I have the chance. Etsy is my go-to for:

• Birthdays

• Holidays

• Sports

• Fun! (Food, characters that aren’t cheesy, sayings, etc.)

I hope you found this helpful, and if you have any that you would add to the list, let your girl know!


Molly B.

The Happiness Report: 8-31-2020

I would really like to know how tomorrow is the first day of September, when it was March like 2 days ago.  But truth be told, I’m excited.  I absolutely love Fall!  The weather, the clothing, the activities, all of it!  We’ve recently had some cooler temps that match the changing seasons, and I’m loving every second of it.  Last week was really good and brought me a lot of happiness.  Let’s jump in!

  1. Sunday Brunch.  If I had to pick, of all the meal times, brunch is my favorite.  As we all know, I am a big sweets person, but I love the mix of sweet and savory that comes with a brunch menu.  The team at The Ainsworth reached out and invited me to come try their brunch menu, and let me invite some friends along for the trip.  I have a core group of girls in the local blogger/influencer space that I chat and hang with on the reg, so I asked if they would be interested.  I mean, fastest “duh” response ever.  It was so fun to kick off the new week with a long and lazy patio brunch, chatting and catching up on each others lives.  My stomach hurt and my mascara was smudged from laughing so hard.
  2. Mid-Week Coffee Date.  Early into quarantine, I was invited to be part of the KC Quarantine Fashion Show.  To date, it is one of the happiest experiences of my life.  It came at a time when I needed some joy and a confidence boost, and I am forever grateful for having been included.  One of the best parts was working with the other models, and getting to meet some new friends.  One of these was local wellness guru, Chioma Atanmo.  She is such a beautiful person, inside and out, and all of our subsequent conversations always leave me feeling at peace.  We’ve been trying to connect in person for weeks, and we finally made it happen this week.  Chioma suggested Rochester Brewing and Roasting , and I was elated, because I’ve had it on my list for months.  I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but I will always take the opportunity to try out a new KC biz.  (Besides, a mocha is basically just a grown up hot cocoa.)  What a special way to start my day, and a joyful connection that was so needed in my life right now.  I am thankful for our friendship, and for her perspective on this crazy world.
  3. New Boutique.  Oh my heart, a new small business to shop!  And a clothing one to top it off!  Urban Sunflower opened in August, and it’s dangerously only 10 minutes from my house.  The owner, Krystal, hosted a private event for influencers last week, so I got a chance to sip and shop, while learning more about the owner and the business.  The clothing is adorable, and the price point is fantastic.  I got to see some of my favorite faces, catch up, and add some new Fall pieces to my closet.  I will be shopping there again, and often.
  4. Royals Watch Party.  I can’t even tell you how much I miss live sporting events.  By this time in the year, we would have definitely been to the K for a Royals game.  Chad and I have loved going to baseball games together since our early dating days.  Chad has a dream of visiting all of the MLB parks one day, but COVID is kind of setting him back on those plans.  Kansas City Power and Light District has introduced the coolest experience in their KC Live! Block area to help fill the void of no live sporting events: socially-distanced watch parties.  They invited us out to enjoy one as a family, so Saturday’s day game was a great opportunity to take advantage of their generous offer.  We enjoyed the cooler temps while snacking on pizza from Pizza Bar, drinking beers, and watching our boys in blue.  All of this was done in the open air, with tables spread out, servers and staff wearing masks (and patrons masked up when not seated), and with hand sanitizer everywhere.  I felt completely safe and relaxed, and this was the next best thing to being at the ballpark.  (Plus we did the math, and MUCH less expensive!)
  5. Neighborhood Movie Night.  When we bought our house, the biggest draw was the neighborhood.  In addition to having neighborhood amenities, like the pools and clubhouse, we knew they had an active HOA that plans and coordinates a lot of events.  This year, Jack is finally old enough to attend and enjoy most of these events, so we’ve been trying to partake as much as possible.  On Saturday night, they coordinated an outdoor movie night.  They set up a massive big screen on the lawn by the clubhouse, they gave out ice cream and popcorn, and the neighborhood sprawled their lawn chairs and blankets across the grass.  Little man got to stay up way past his bedtime, each far too many snacks, and run up and down the lawn until he was drenched in sweat.  Every single bit of it was worth it to see the joy on his face, to hear him talk about it for next 24 hours straight, and for him to sleep in past 9:00 on Sunday morning.

On their own, in a “normal” environment, these things all seem pretty basic and small.  But let it serve as a reminder to all of us that joy can be found in the mundane, every day things.  So this week, let’s seek it out and celebrate it along the way.


Molly B.

The Happiness Report: 8-24-2020

I really can’t even make this up…I just typed 2019.

Well, I guess that’s just an everyday casualty of the current environment and not leaving the house much for six months.

I mean really y’all, all you can do some days is just laugh.  As I shared last week, laughter has been a huge source of happiness for me these past few weeks.  For me, it is a healthy escape, and it has brought me (and so many others) a lot of joy and a much needed reprieve.  But this last week?  Lots of joy, my friends!  Let’s dig in!

  1. A Special Fundraiser.  For over a year, I’ve had this idea tumbling around in my head.  (That’s a constant thing around here…)  I have wanted to do a fundraiser with a graphic tee that said “KC Mama,” and donate the proceeds to a nonprofit that supports moms in the Kansas City community.  But I’m no t-shirt maker, and I really had no idea where to start.  But dang I love this community!  I was connected with Pink Dinosaur a few weeks ago, so I reached out to her with my idea, and she jumped right in!  We’re a week into our fundraiser and have raised almost $600 for Happy Bottoms.  I am so grateful to Elle, the owner of Pink Dinosaur and to all the ladies who have purchased our shirts!
  2. #SendKindnessChallenge.  If we’ve been hanging out for a while, you know I love greeting cards.  I love buying them, sending them, receiving them.  Love em.  So I go through a lot of stamps.  Last week, I shared my USPS trip on my InstaStories (riveting, I know…), and I asked if people would be up for a card sending challenge, and it was a resounding YES from so many.  So I kicked off the #SendKindnessChallenge to encourage people to support the USPS by buying some stamps and then to send a little kindness by sending a card to someone they love.  People are using the hashtag, and I am loving it!
  3. A Day on the Farm.  On Friday, I got to experience one of the coolest things I have done since moving to Kansas City.  I am going to do a full blog post on this, but I had the opportunity to attend a private event at Of the Earth Farm and Distillery.  We were given a behind the scenes tour, history, and tasting of the food and the booze.  I absolutely love learning about business owners and their businesses.  There is really nothing watching them light up with pride as they nerd out about their craft.  Everything on the farm was fascinating and delicious, and it was truly an honor to be there.  More to come!
  4. Family Fun and Games.  Our family has been trying to go on an “adventure” every weekend to get out of this house.  It’s a great way to switch up the typical at home options, and we use it as a “carrot” all week with Jack to encourage good behavior and earned rewards.  The crew at Draftcade reached out and invited me in to explore and play, and I knew this would be a perfect family funday.  We spent a couple of hours at the arcade on Saturday afternoon and had a really great time.  Draftcade has over 60 games and over 60 beers on tap, so it’s basically every parent’s dream.  Jack Attack was still a little small for most of the games, but he was able to play his first rounds of Skee-Ball, and I think that’s a really important life lesson.  Chad and I agreed that this would be a fantastic date night spot, so we will definitely be back!
  5. Date Night!  Yes, that deserves an exclamation point, my friends.  Because datin ain’t easy in the ‘tine.  Luckily we have a babysitter that we love, know, and trust, but we are definitely trying to limit exposure as much as possible, for everyone.  But on Saturday night, we busted out to try Paros Estiatorio in Mission Farms.  Oh my goodness, friends!  This restaurant opened right before COVID and was closed for a few months, but it is open, and we have been dying to go.  The restaurant is absolutely beautiful; the patio is so charming and lush; and the food is incredible!  Everything is fresh and flavorful, and there are so many more things that I want to try!  It is an absolute date night dream, but it would also make for a great girls night spot too.  I am so happy that we were able to get out and have the time to connect.


I’m looking forward to the week ahead and can’t wait to hear what’s rocking your world too!



Molly B.

The Happiness Report: 8-17-2020

How is it that life has changed so much over the past 6 months, my travel calendar has been completed wiped, and events have been cancelled left and right, but August is moving at lightning speed?!  Although we’re still minimizing our interactions and outings and are practicing a lot of additional safety measures, people are starting to get more restless and are moving forward in their own ways.  Because of that, our calendar is starting to fill up, and it is bringing me LIFE!  A Stay At Home Order is hard on anyone, but your extroverted friend has been a little extra struggly the past few months.  I need people and places and things, and having those things back little by little is bringing me so much happiness.  Check out what was rocking my world last week:


  1. Late Night Laughs.  Okay my version of “late night” is nobody else’s.  I am typically falling asleep on the couch between 8:00 and 9:00, and I don’t remember the last time I saw anything past 10:00 PM.  Jack goes to bed at 7:00; we watch a little TV; and we typically start our bedtime routine around 8:00.  Then I have a hard stop on anything phone-related at 9:00.  So I typically spend a few minutes mindlessly scrolling before logging off.  The past few nights, I have been diving down deep rabbit holes.  Of memes.  Okay for anyone that knows me, they know I love memes, so this probably doesn’t sound like anything new.  But this is me consuming nothing but humor for several minutes right before ending my screen time.  Y’all.  Game.Changer.  There’s really nothing like laughing yourself into slumber while your husband looks at you like you’ve lost it.
  2. Tribe Pop-Up.  If we’ve been friends for any length of time, you know that I have a deep love for small businesses.  Especially if they’re local.  And double especially if they are owned by women.  One of the best things about diving into the “influencer” world is connecting with business owners.  I met Ashley, the owner of Tribe Boutique, a couple of years ago at an event and have followed her on Instagram ever since.  We have bonded over a mutual love of craft beer, and travel, and of course jewelry.  Ashley has an online store, but she is a staple at events all over the Midwest.  Recently, she launched her newest creative venture–a mobile boutique.  She refurbished a travel trailer and turned it into a beautiful mobile store that she is taking on the road for pop up and private events.  Last week, I got a private sneak peek of it and her new arrivals, and I am in love!
  3. Brow Refresh.  Last year, I had my eyebrows microbladed, and it was the best beauty-related decision I’ve ever made.  (You can read about the entire experience in this blog post.)  Every year, you are supposed to get a touch up on your brows to keep them looking fresh.  I set my appointment with Dax and could not wait to see her, catch up, and get touched up.  Dax’s studio is absolutely beautiful, she is so much fun, and I had the best time with her on Friday afternoon.  Plus, my brows are looking FABULOUS!  She touched up the color and the strokes, and she gave me a little more arch for a little more drama.  I am still so happy with my brows, and I highly recommend Dax to anyone that is interested!
  4. Negro Leagues Baseball Museum Visit.  As you know, I am a contributor for City Lifestyle, and most of my content is locally focused.  We recently launched a new program where we are partnering with local landmarks.  My initial assignment is with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, and I could not be more excited.  I have not been to the museum in years but have been eager to get back.  With this new assignment and a baseball-obsessed toddler, this weekend was the perfect time to visit.  Plus, the museum was celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Negro Leagues!  We had the best time exploring and learning, and Jack narrated the entire visit for us and for everyone around us.  (Sorry…)  More to come on this!
  5. New (To Me) Podcast.  Never did I ever think that my podcast cue would be empty, but I’ve got a lot of time on my hands these days.  So last week, I found myself in that exact situation.  Love or hate technology, its algorithms, and its creepiness, one thing I love is that Apple Podcasts makes recommendations for you based on your previous activity.  So when I saw “Even The Rich” at the top of my list, I read the summary, and it seemed like a good fit.  It just started its sixth season, and I binged an entire season this weekend while driving, doing laundry, meal prepping, and really any excuse I could find.  It is so good, and it’s going on My Favorite Podcasts!


I hope you have a wonderful week, and I hope you share the happiness with the world!


Molly B.