The Happiness Report: 8-10-2020

Dare I say that last week felt “normal.”  Or at least normalish?  Normal Lite?  Okay, whatever you want to call it, besides the masks, and hugging aversions, and excessive use of hand sanitizer, the last week actually felt fairly ordinary, and it was certainly filled with a lot of happy moments.

Check it out!

  1. Fall, Is That You?  Y’all.  This weather!  I know that God has a plan for our lives.  And when times are challenging, it’s hard to see what that plan might be.  And I know that we learn lessons in tough seasons.  I’m learning so much right now.  So much that it’s exhausting and invigorating all at once.  But it’s like God said, “Look friends, I’m not quite finished teaching, but here’s some bomb weather to help you out for a few days.”  If it offends you that I’m speaking as the voice of our Lord and Savior, I’m sorry.  But the Big Dude has shown me MANY times that he has an incredible sense of humor.  Whatever it was, gimme all the 75 degree and sunny days.  Forever and ever, Amen.
  2. Voting.  In case we haven’t talked about it yet, one of my degrees is in political science, I cry at the National Anthem, and I take the right and responsibility of voting very seriously.  I read, I research, and I know my stuff.  (Well, as best I can.)  So when an election day and ability to vote comes around, I seriously nerd out.  Last Tuesday was the Kansas Primary, so I got to start my day in a voting booth.  With a mask, no contact, and a lot of social distancing, but voting nonetheless.  (Although, kind of loving the new process that was created due to COVID, and kind of hoping it sticks around…)
  3. Farmers Market Friend Date.  Last week was National Farmers Market Week, and I absolutely love the Overland Park Farmers Market.  Although we went so many times last year (I even have a full blog post about it.), sadly I had not been back yet this year.  Like every other industry, our farmers and food makers have been hit hard by COVID, so they need us more than ever.  I also owed my friend Kara a coffee date, so I asked if she would meet me at the OPFM for coffee and shopping, and she was game.  We met at The Wild Way coffee truck, grabbed some drinks, walked, and talked, and shopped for about an hour.  Everything was safe, and healthy, and we had such a great time.
  4. A Little Treat Yo Self.  There’s really nothing like ending your work week with a facial.  I recently started working with Sara from Elevate Esthetics, and on Friday, I had my first service with her: a Dermaplane Facial.  Okay, so I’ve had a dermaplane facial multiple times, but I wish I could have them every week.  Not only are they relaxing, but they leave my face glowing, and my skincare products and makeup go on like butter for several days after.  Estheticians have a lot of new protocols that they have to implement due to COVID, which can ultimately affect the vibe of their space, turning it more clinical than relaxing.  But somehow Sara has been able to create a perfect balance.  Everything was very clean and safe, but I was transported into an incredibly luxurious experience.  I know that everyone loves a massage, but in my opinion, facials are far superior.
  5. Winery Tour.  Oh yes I did.  Yes. I. Did.  Go Explore KC is a new business venture by my friend Maria.  It’s a very cool concept, where you sign up for an account, and you can take tours, check in along the way, earn badges, partake in specials, and earn prizes.  My friend Mindy and I have been dying to try it out, so we dragged our friend Mandy and all of our families along for the ride.  (Literally.)  We explored three wineries in the rural Paola, Kansas countryside and had the best time.  The weather was perfect, the grounds of Isinglass, New Lancaster, and Somerset were stunning, and the wine was pretty great too.  There are many more wineries to visit and tours to take, so we’re already planning our next adventures.


I hope you had a wonderful week and that you’re walking into this week with a positive outlook and a whole lotta joy.


Molly B.

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