The Happiness Report: 7-27-2020

The scariest thing I’ve heard all day?  Saturday is August.  Like how?!  Isn’t it crazy how time feels like it is standing still but simultaneously moving at the speed of light?  One thing I’ve talked about before that has me struggling is the absence of things to look forward to on the calendar–events, vacations, etc.  And while that sometimes makes it feel like time is standing still, part of getting older is that the clock moves faster.  This year is over half over, and perhaps it’s the lack of milestones that is making it seem aimless.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past few months of COVID and staying home more often, it’s that we have to take control of what we can control.  And no, there are parts of our calendar that we cannot control–those events, vacations, etc.  But there are things that we can add in to create more milestones, memories, and overall joy.  This last week was filled with those things.  Check em out!

  1. Misheard Song Lyrics.  When Chad and I had our date night last week, somehow we started talking about songs that we initially misunderstood.  If you’ve never had this conversation with anyone, I HIGHLY encourage it, because the result is hilarious!  (Seriously, try it at your next dinner party.)  Still laughing the following week, I took the question to Instagram, and I loved reading all of the responses that my friends had to add.  It was such a mid-week joy, and I loved getting to know people (and their senses of humor) better.
  2. Donating Blood.  I know, weird.  And perhaps it seems like a stretch.  But in case you didn’t know, there is a severe nationwide blood shortage, which is being exacerbated by COVID.  The American Red Cross has put out the call and has ramped up their drives across the country.  I donated a few weeks ago, and you have to wait a few weeks before you can donate again.  I was eligible again last week, so I spent an hour on my Wednesday afternoon donating a much-needed sample.  After years of being poked and prodded by needles and IVs during chemo and fertility tests and treatments, I can’t say that I love more needles, but when I know how much it is needed and appreciated, it makes it much easier.  (Plus I didn’t hate the few minutes of uninterrupted peace and quiet.)  If you’re interested in donating, the American Red Cross website has a locator tool to find a drive near you.
  3. Cupcakes.  YES!!!  It’s always a good week when cupcakes are involved.  Okay, we all know that your girl loves cupcakes.  I will always pick them over any other dessert, and they are one of my top priorities when I travel.  One thing I would change about Kansas City is that we would have more local cupcakes bakeries.  We have lots of the national chains, and we have several local bakeries that offer cupcakes, but we don’t have a ton of locals that specialize in cupcakes alone.  However, one exception is Cupcake a la Mode on Country Club Plaza.  They have been closed for several weeks due to COVID and the damage to storefronts during protests, but they reopened last week.  The team reached out to me and invited me in for a cupcake and to celebrate and share their reopening.  I was able to learn more about their store, what they offer, and how they create their menu.  And of course, I was able to pick up some goodies for the fam.  (PB&J for Jack Attack, Raspberry Lemonade for Chad B., and one of their July flavors, Banana Split for me…although we know I tried all of them…)  Their cupcakes are absolutely delicious from buttercream top, to often filled stump, and they are so adorable that they are almost too pretty to eat.  Almost…
  4. Lazy Sunday.  This may sound super lame, but a lazy day was so needed around here.  How could that be the case?  If we’re not doing as much, I’m not traveling, we didn’t go out at all last week, how are we so tired?  Y’all, I don’t know.  Maybe it was Chad going back into the office.  Maybe it was my intense work calendar.  Maybe it was crushing my workouts all week.  Maybe it was a moody toddler.  Maybe it was that I’m getting old.  Maybe it was all of those things or none of those things,  but we fully embraced the nothingness on Sunday.  Outside of some meal prep for the week, it was snuggles, and Netflix, and pajamas, and snacks.  (Okay I did a face mask, so we’ll call that productive too.)  It was so nice, and it helped me feel refreshed for the new week.
  5. Therapy.  I’m sharing my heart here, friends.  I debated sharing this, but it brought me joy, and I always want to be transparent, so it made the list.  For the first time in 37 years, I started seeing a therapist.  For the past 5ish years, it’s been on my mental to do list.  Yes, I am a very positive and optimistic person, but that doesn’t come without complication, baggage, scars, etc.  I know that I have “traumas” (therapy definition that I learned during my first session), and I want to deal with those in a healthy and sustainable way.  I want to be my best self for my son, my husband, my family, my friends, but most of all myself.  Maybe I’ll share more in the future, maybe I won’t.  But it belongs on the list, because I felt an immediate and overwhelming sense of relief the second I left that office.  I’m looking forward to future sessions and to doing the hard work.


It’s raining this morning, which gave a sleepy start to my day.  But I’ve got my “Chill” playlist going, I’m writing to all of you, and I’m planning my week.  All of those things bring me joy, so I suppose I know what will be making the list next week.  Until then, add some happiness to your calendar this week, friends.


Molly B.

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