The Happiness Report: 7-13-2020

Last week was a pretty busy one, and it certainly had a lot of happy moments.  And as you’ll soon read, one of these was a pretty big celebration that brought immense happiness.  In contrast, the other four items seem relatively small.  But what a great reminder that bright spots can exist in the everyday mundane moments.  And quite frankly, those are usually the best.

Here is what brought me happiness the past few days.

  1. A BIG Milestone.  On July 7th, I celebrated 12 years of being cancer free.  (I wrote about the anniversary, and I have a full blog post with my story if you need to catch up.)  Every year, I take the day off from work and spend the day by myself.  Typically I do a spa day, but with COVID, that’s not really a thing right now.  However, I was able to sleep in, take a later class at the gym, take myself to a yummy lunch,  and get a massage.  My dudes got me some pretty flowers, and it was an overall lovely day.
  2. Billie’s Grocery.  I have been DYING to try this new restaurant for weeks!  I’ve been drooling over the Billie’s Grocery plates that keep popping up on Instagram.  And I’ve had a close eye on their dessert case.  This seemed like the perfect place to dine on my day off from work,  so I made it happen.  I don’t even want to talk  about  how much money I spent, but I was determined to try all the things.  I got a pour of their housemade kombucha, the Raw Bowl, the Thai Bowl, and I got a box of desserts for the road to share with my guys.  I’ve been raving about it ever since and cannot wait to get back!
  3. Massage.  Like I said, I got a massage as part of my treat yo self day.  This was my first massage in over 6 months, and oh how I’ve missed it.  I used to get massages every single month, and now I forget how much I love them and how much my body loves me for getting them.  It was so relaxing, and I seriously need to go more often.
  4. Monster Milkshakes.  A new KC hotspot called Creative Culture opened this weekend in Westport.  It is a DIY studio with a gourmet milkshake bar.  But not just any milkshakes, these things are next level.  With inventive flavors like It’s Lit–S’mores, Life of the Party–Birthday Cake, and Treat Yo Self–Brownie Fudge, these have things like cupcakes, cookies, and cinnamon rolls perched on top and ready to devour.  Our little fam went for a visit on Saturday evening and had the best time.  We didn’t try any of the DIY projects, but we did get a milkshake to share, and we were all in heaven.  Jack had the best time, as evidenced by his massive post-visit sugar rush.  I can’t wait to get back for a date night or girls night and try one of the fun projects!
  5. Solo Day With Jack.  I rarely get one on one time with little man.  Especially when I am traveling, Chad gets the most solo time.  On Saturday, Chad went fishing, which meant that I got Jack Attack all to myself.  We ate breakfast together, we ran errands, we played, we cuddled, and we laughed a lot.  It wasn’t all perfect.  He is a toddler after all.  But it was so sweet, and so needed, and I always cherish and soak up these moments.  They won’t last forever.

Here’s hoping you find lots of happiness this week in ways big and small.


Molly B.

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