What’s Inside My Gym Bag: 20 Essentials For Your Sweat Sesh

If you see me at the gym, you’re gonna see me rockin my gym bag each and every day.  (And I don’t even get ready for work at the gym!)  Nothing is worse than getting to the gym and not having everything you need, or being mid-workout and needing something vital.  And in the past, I used a missing item as a reason to call it quits.  So I decided to start bringing things that I may need to complete my workout.  And yes, in the beginning, I WAY over packed and brought things that never found a purpose.  Now I’ve got a pretty solid pack, so I’m sharing it here for you.

First of all, the bag!  Like I said, I don’t get ready at the gym, so I don’t bring enough to warrant a duffle bag.  This is my absolute favorite gym bag!  It comes in two colors, but I have it in black. It has room for all your workout essential. You can unzip the bottom for wet clothes or shoe storage. It has a cell phone zip pocket on back side. And it even has an exterior elastic webbing yoga mat holder on the bottom of the bag!

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, here’s what to pack:

  1. Towel– I am a sweaty, sweaty beast when I workout, so a gym towel is a must!
  2. Water Bottle– These  are my personal favorite, because the squirt top makes it easy to grab a quick sip.
  3. Snack– I like to keep protein bars and protein powder in my bag.  Nothing is worse than being hangry before or after a workout, so I want to be prepared.
  4. Sandals– I am a big fan of letting my feet breathe and rest before and after my workout, especially if I’m running, so I make sure to bring my favorite recovery sandals.
  5. Headphones– Music during my workout is a must!  I always have my Aftershokz in my bag to ensure that I can connect to my playlist when I sweat.  (Get $50 off any Aftershokz bundle with code MOLLYB.)
  6. Deodorant– Need I say more?
  7. Gloves– I honestly don’t mind having calluses, but after a while, they can actually crack, and that is painful!  So now when I row or lift weights, I wear gloves.  I like a full coverage glove like these.
  8. Hair Ties– Look, I know the runner girl emoji runs with her hair down, but not this girl!  I’ve forgotten them, had them break, the works, so I always have an extra.  (Not to mention that I’ve saved the day for some of my sweat sisters too!)  I’m a big fan of the no dent hair ties.
  9. Face Wipes–Okay so we’ve already established that I’m a sweater.  Especially if I’m not going straight home, I like to wipe the sweat and salt off my face.
  10. Safety Pins– This is mainly to ensure I’m prepared for races, but they seem to come in handy quite a bit.  I mean, if your sports bra has ever broken halfway through an Orangetheory class, you might just want one.  Hypothetically…
  11. Sunglasses– If I’m running outside in the daylight, I’m not down with squinting my way through.  I always have my sunglasses for when I need them.
  12. Heart Rate Monitor– Yes, I use this primarily for Orangetheory, but I actually do use it for workouts outside of the gym as well.
  13. Pre-Workout/Intra-Workout/Post-Workout–I use all three of these things, and I’ve convinced myself that I can’t live without them.
  14. Gum– Have you ever been on a treadmill next to someone with coffee or morning breath?  Yea, that won’t be this girl.
  15. Silicone Ring– Number of wedding rings that had to be refinished? One.  Number of times my husband my husband said that I could wear my wedding ring to the gym going forward?  Zero.  These rings are a lifesaver, and they’re actually pretty cute!
  16. Anti Chafe– I could write a whole post about this, but… Chafing is a thing.  Everyone chafes.  It has nothing to do with weight, or size, or fitness level.  It’s a thing.  And it happens to different people, in different places, at different times.  For me, sports bra lines are the worst.  I can’t live without it!
  17. Chapstick– Definitely in cold weather months, but my lips get really dry during workouts from all the mouth breathing.  (I’m really making myself sound attractive in this post…)
  18. Arm Band– I cannot hold or keep track of anything during a workout.  Especially running, but really anything.  I keep an arm band in my bag to ensure that I can stay hands free.
  19. Kleenex– Similar to the Chapstick, especially in cold weather, but my nose runs when I workout.  It’s a thing.  (Just a goddess…)
  20. Watch– My Garmin watch is always in the gym with me.  I’m addicted to the data that it gives me, and I use it for timing and performance during my workouts.

I hope this list helps you pack your bag and prevent any interruptions to your killing your workout.


Molly B.

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