LikeToKnowIt – What It Is, How To Use It, and How To Follow Me

This post may contain affiliate links.  That means if you click and buy, I may receive a small commission (at zero cost to you).  Please see my full  Disclosure Statement  for details.

What is

RewardStyle is an affiliate network that connects retailers with influencers/bloggers through a shoppable platform called  When a friend purchases a product through one of my affiliate links, I make a small commission from the purchase. (This is similar to what a sales associate would make should they sell you something in store.) This DOES NOT cost you anything additional. It’s essentially giving me a small amount of credit for referring you to the retailer.

If you go to the retailer’s page after looking at a particular product and find they don’t have your size, you shop around and buy a few other items from the same retailer, I still get credit for any purchases you make on that retailer’s page, because I was the ultimate reason you went to them in the first place.

Also important, if you see me post about an item on your phone and go to your computer, go directly to the retailer’s site without using one of my links, I will not get credit for the sale. Similarly, if you purchase something in store, I will not get the credit because the retailer has no way to track it back to me. So, to give me credit, you always have to purchase through one of my links. How to Use It

  1. First you’ll need to sign up:  
  2. Download the App.
  3. Follow me!  (Instructions below.)
  4. Go to my CrowningGloryBlog Instagam page.
  5. After downloading the app and following me, you will then be able to “like” or “screenshot” any of my posts where you see the hashtag “liketkit” in the caption, and all of my outfit details will be sent to your email or the app within 5 minutes. (You have the option to opt out of emails if you prefer!)

It’s really THAT simple!

Here is an example of what it will look like in your account after you screenshot a photo.

You will see the photo, and then underneath you will see small images with the items in the photograph. Simply click those small images to be taken directly to the product pages to shop.

A few other ways to shop via

  1. Login into your account at Head to the “menu” at the top right corner. Click on “My Likes”. All of your liked posts will show up with all the links to shop.
  2. Head to the website but add a specific users name to the end of the URL.  For example, if you want to shop all of MY posts simply head to
  3. After Downloading the App and following me, you will then be able to “like” or “screenshot” any of my posts where you see the hashtag “liketkit” in the caption and all of my outfit details will be sent to your email or the app within 5 minutes (you have the option to opt out of emails if you prefer!)

I personally LOVE the app.  It makes shopping so much easier.  If you happen to come across an item you love but don’t have the time to shop it right then and there, all you have to do is screenshot it and it’s saved for another time. It’s so convenient and best of all FREE!

Just a heads up – not all retailers are partnered with  So, if you “like” a photo and the exact item isn’t linked, that is likely the reason.  If this is ever the case, I try to link as many similar items as possible so that my friends can still recreate the look.


How To Follow Me In The LikeToKnow.It App

Another great feature of is that you can follow your favorite bloggers/influencers in the app and be able to shop their looks without having to scroll through their instagram feed or blog.  Below I will show you step by step how to do so.

  1. Simply open the app on your phone.  On the bottom far right corner you will see a symbol to “Search.”  Click that symbol.

2. Once you’ve clicked that symbol, you will see a search bar come up across the top of your screen.  Start typing in the Instagram handle of the user you’d like to follow.  For me, you would type in “crowninggloryblog”

3. When you start typing in the user name, you will see it pop up under the search bar.  There will be a “Follow” button that also appears next to the users name.  Click the ‘Follow” button and there you go…You are following your favorite user!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to drop a comment or shoot me an email! And of course, you can also always message me on Instagram or email (, and I can send you direct links to the products I’m sharing.

Again, THANK YOU for all of your support of this blog!  If you ever have blog post ideas or comments, please feel free to email me!  I want this to be a source of joy and inspiration for you, so your feedback is always welcome!



Molly B.


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