The Happiness Report: 5-26-2020

Coming at you on a Tuesday, because Monday was a HOLIDAY!  Yesterday was Memorial Day, and I spent the day with my guys, lounging, dodging the rain, and not blogging.

But now, as I’m preparing my bright spots for you (and me), I’m sitting here reflecting on last week.  I used to raise all the praise hands when I had a week that was uneventful.  When there wasn’t much to report.  When there was a lot of downtime.  When there was blank space on my calendar.  And now, here I am, with more blank space than what makes me comfortable on most days, and I’m wishing for more events, and more people, and more travel, and more normalcy.  Honestly, it’s a really interesting feeling, because I want all of those things, but I want to temper it with quality and not quantity.  So when I think about last week, although at first blush, it feels like nothing much by way of quantity, there were many quality moments that brought me a lot of joy.

  1. Instagram Interview.  A first for me!  Yes, I have been a guest on a podcast, or two, or three.  But a live Instagram interview?  Not yet.  But that changed this week when I chatted with Ask Buddy.  Ask Buddy is building a community of culture seekers and connecting them to safe, authentic experiences in Kansas City.  They have a great curation on their website, and they have a very active Instagram presence, where they have recently been interviewing local “Tastemakers” about their KC favorites.  So when they reached out to ask if they could include me in this series, I was honored and excited.  Obviously I love Kansas City and will take any opportunity to talk about all my favorite spots.  Check out my interview and my top picks here.
  2. Grazing KC Live Charcuterie Demo.  Yea, I bet that made you pause.  I mean, who doesn’t love a charcuterie board?  I was fortunate enough to meet Sarah, the owner of Grazing KC at an event last year.  At this event, she had transformed an entire table into the charcuterie board of my (and your) dreams.  It was so beautiful that many of us commented about how it looked almost too good to eat.  Almost.  Because of course everything was delicious, as she takes pride in using the most quality and inventive products.  Since that event, I have stayed connected with her (and honestly just stalked her gorgeous Instagram feed), and last week I saw that she was offering a free live demo.  Sign. Me. Right. Up.  During this live event, she walked us through her tips and tricks, and it was such a fun way to spend a Thursday night.  She does offer events and private classes, so when things return to “normal,” I can’t wait to get some hands on fun!
  3. Family Pictures.  Finally!  We were scheduled to take family pictures in early April, in advance of Jack’s 3rd birthday.  Taylor, of Photo KC, has been taking our pictures for the past couple of years, and she does such a wonderful job.  I always look forward to shooting with her, because she is so sweet, so disarming, and so positive.  Plus she always makes me look and feel like a dime!  But of course, with the Stay At Home Order and social distancing protocols, we had to postpone our photo shoot.  However, last week, we made it happen!  And it was so worth the wait!  It was wonderful to get dressed up with my dudes, to see our favorite photographer, and to smile and laugh in the sunshine.  And y ‘all, per usual, the pictures are stunning!
  4. 143 Day.  This was a new one for me, but it brought some unexpected joy to my week.  Mr. Rogers regularly used 143 as his special code for “I Love You,” based on the number of letters in each word.  Now it is a day when we are encouraged to share the acts of kindness and good deeds we do for each other. Remake Learning reached out to me about a new campaign they were starting, called “Tomorrow,” and it kicked off on May 22nd, 143 Day.  Tomorrow, calls us to forge a future where each day holds promise for every learner—where youth, families, and educators connect timeless ideas and new ways of learning to prepare for what comes next, no matter what tomorrow might bring.  From 143 Day through October, they will be hosting webinars, virtual events, and so much more.  I was a part of their kickoff, and I will be one of their influencers throughout the campaign.  I am completely honored, and I can’t wait to learn and share more!
  5. A Special “Holiday.”  On May 24, 2002, Chad asked for my phone number on a paper towel in the kitchen at a house party.  Obviously you know how that turned out.  But fast forward to May 24, 2017, and Chad and I were standing in front of a judge at the Olathe Courthouse for our adoption hearing, receiving our final decree of adoption.  We didn’t get to pick this date, so it was a completely unexpected fun little God wink.  After we left the courthouse, we were starving, so we drove straight to our favorite Mexican restaurant, K-Macho’s, and celebrated Jack’s Gotcha Day with margaritas, chips and salsa, and a sleeping baby.  The last two years, we celebrated with dinner at the restaurant, but since we’re still staying at home, but I am BIG on tradition, we got takeout and celebrated at the kitchen table.  It was such a sweet reminder that tradition is not canceled, and there is still beauty all around us.


I hope you found some joy in the stillness this week and that my happy moments made you smile too!



Molly B.

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