My Kansas City Favorites

One of the most common questions I get is, “What’s your favorite Fill-In-The-Blank in Kansas City?”  Ugh, I love this city so much that it’s hard for me to pick favorites.  And it’s hard for me to think of things on the spot.  But if I reflect, I definitely have my favorite spots in the city, so I wanted to start a post to collect my favorite spots in Crown Town.  I will continue to add to the post, and I want to see your favorites in the Comments!  But don’t be surprised if some categories have more than one name listed.  I told you…I love them all!

Favorite Date Night Restaurant: La Bodega

Favorite Casual Lunch Restaurant: The Mixx, Caffetteria, Unforked

Favorite Boutique: EB & Co., Frankie & Jules, Shop Scoobie

Favorite Dessert: Decadent, Dolce, Mud Pie

Favorite Brewery: Boulevard, Brewery Emperial

Favorite Pizza: Minsky’s, Waldo Pizza

Favorite Rooftop: O’Dowd’s, HopCat

Favorite Tapas: La Bodega, Extra Virgin



Molly B.


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