The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

It’s finally freaking Fall! Y’all, this is my absolute favorite season. Let’s talk about God’s most perfect weather, all the Fall colors, all the Fall flavors, all the Fall fashion, and of course, all the Fall activities. So many activities!

Here’s a roundup of my favorite things to do when Fall hits. And if you’re in Kansas City, do them quick, because we only get like 3 days of Fall before it snows.

1. Visit a state or county fair

2. Have a picnic

3. Sit on your favorite patio

4. Have a bonfire (or fire pit) and roast s’mores

5. Explore a Corn Maze

6. Bake all the pumpkin things

7. Visit a Pumpkin Patch and pick out pumpkins

8. Attend a football game and do some tailgating

9. Visit a Farmers Market

10. Explore a vendor or craft fair

11. Take a hike and/or go camping

12. Carve or decorate pumpkins

13. Watch Halloween movies

14. Take donations to a food pantry

15. Decorate the house for Fall and/or Halloween

16. Plant some Mums

17. Boo your neighbors

18. Host a party or a Friendsgiving

19. Go Trick or Treating

20. Take family pictures

Okay now give me all your favorite Fall things!


Molly B.

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